What happens if your subscription runs out midair?

What happens if your subscription runs out midair? Been wondering about this for some time now.

Hey, from what I have been told you get a message saying “your subscription has expired”. Your flight no longer counts XP or Flight Time.

You will stay flying until you out of the game / exit. Then If youre back again to the game the subs will expired

Wrong. You will be able to continue your flight and receive flight time, XP, etc…! However when you finish your flight, you will no longer be able to access the Pro stuff until you buy another subscription.

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Oh! Wow, that is good :)

Wait… if we stop our subscription and then a couple of months later renew it… do we loose our XPs, landings and etc? (Subs with the same account)

No you will not lose your stats.

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@SkyTrail You do not lose your XP, landings, etc…

However you may drop a grade - due to not meeting the Flight Time/90 days or Landings/90 days requirements.


Oh ok thanks for the info guys!