What happens if your sub expires mid flight?

If you are on a live server and mid flight your sub expires. What happens?


Your throttle will likely be cut. This also happens if someone accesses your account while you are flying.


Well I believe it wouldn’t end mid flight, where as it will happen most likely before or after. If it did happen, then I think your flight would maybe continue until you end it, but your throttles definitely could be cut and you could crash.


What if you were in a free region

If you have a sub, you don’t get free regions. Those only apply to those who do not have a sub. As I mentioned earlier, your throttle could end up being cut.

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If you are one of the 0.0001% of the people that has their sub expire mid-flight, you will be teleported to Infinite Space Simulator, where you will spawn into a rocket ship. To your right, you will see Laura’s cat being thrown in the air, and to your left, you’ll see a big picture of Misha’s face. Your goal is to avoid the SpaceDeer, Declanroos, Callowands, etc., and grease it on Tyler’s head. If you do so, your sub will be renewed, permanently, and Seb will give you a high five.

For legal purposes, this is for joking purposes only, if your sub expires mid-flight, your sub will expire AFTER the flight is over.


Ha ha ha ha, very funny

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