What happens if you lie in the airport or get attention.....

Watch this funny video from Swoozie to to remind yourself about a lot of important things :D


Quite a lot of airport security agents are always trying to find something wrong, once I had a pencil and a bottle opener key ring taken of me at Birmingham airport.


Was the pencil sharp? They could have assumed you could stab someone with it.

I feel bad for swoozie! I always get nervous around TSA. A couple weeks ago when going through TSA, they asked my age, and I nervously said 12 but I’m 15 so I quickly said 15 right after that and they gave me a weird look.

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Still it was a pencil, my time in primary school taught me that the most damage a pencil can do is a nasty nip, it hurts a bit but there’s no way a pencil could be a dangerous weapon.


They could have assumed you could hurt someone by stabbing them in the eyes.

Security are pretty nice in my opinion at least my mum is anyway

Some of them are nice, some aren’t. It’s the same in any career where the employees have to interact with the public, which is why sometimes you get a bad waiter, receptionist or call centre worker. The reason I think there are quite a few, for want of a better word “annoying” people in airport security is that power can get to some people.

Once again, just saying I am not in anyway saying all airport security employees are bad, I’m just saying I have had bad experiences with them in the past.

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I’m just joking I couldn’t care less on why as its from personal experience but it is a pretty poor paying job for the work so I’m not suprised the way they act as they tend to work long hours for less then the bus drivers earn

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This is honestly the best and worst thing I’ve seen 😂😂😂 poor guy

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