What happens if there are real Rockets on the fighter jets

Missiles and bombs on the Fighter jets in IF, we would be able to take over the server

Of course this would be incredible idea , but wouldn’t happen 😂

I had been thinking about this recently, it doesnt even remotely fit the theme of IF so I agree it will never (and probably shouldnt) ever happen. But it would for sure be interesting if they did something like, I believe X-Plane 10 did (don’t quote me on that) with certain solo missions with weapons

Definitely wouldn’t happen.

However, there’s a feature request for a targeting system, similar to those used in fighter training schools. Feel free to drop a vote there, if you like!


Yes it would definitely be fun but Infinite Flight is not a war simulator, it’s a flight simulator.

I’m sure there are plenty of other games out there where you would get the experience of shooting missiles from a fighter.

Also, I wouldn’t trust many people with missiles on the expert server… reports from controllers would skyrocket!