What happens if the yoke is pushed with AP on?

If a plane was flying (at cruise) with auto pilot on (obviously), what would happen if the pilot suddenly leant forward and pushed on the yoke?

This is clearly a question to all those pilots out there or people with experience in a cockpit.
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I think the Autopilot would turn off

I believe it is type-specific. I may be wrong here, but if you’re in a Boeing aircraft your actions should override the autopilot momentarily before it returns to its parameters.
For longer actions, I believe the system will automatically disengage the system that controls the axis you manipulate; for example, if you pull up slightly for a second or two then let go, it should return to how it was before without disengaging. However, if you continue to pull back for longer and do so more aggressively, the pitch control system will disengage leaving you to control the pitch manually while roll control is still automated.

As for Airbus and the sidestick, I understand that moving this will do nothing to the automation… That is what the A320 captain who taught me ATPL instruments told me anyway haha!

Either way, these are, naturally, not modelled in Infinite Flight. It’s a good question though - please don’t take my word as gospel, I may well be incorrect!!


I think you are correct here. To disengage the A/P you have to push the A/P disengage button.

I have a feeling that this is different for the Auto-Thrust, but I am not sure about that one.

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To clarify a little more on Airbus, based on my personal experience using simulators, the auto pilot will disengage if the stick is moved far enough for a length of time. It won’t respond to a sudden movement, however if you were to roll right for example, the autopilot would wait a few seconds then hand control over to the pilot.
Because airbus uses flybywire, you wouldn’t send the aircraft into a dive by leaning on it. It’s set up within safe airframe parameter limits, so I think it’s a 35° pitch up and 15° pitch down before the computers systems would then take over control.

Although I’m not a real pilot after all, but as far as I’m aware, that’s the basic of it.

Autopilot disconnects with a warning specific to the aircraft.

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