What happens if the Global Flight Server is added?

What happens if there is a global flight server. What will happen to IFL? For instance, would you have to pay money to go on the server, what will happen to live plus? Have you been thinking of this too? Comment below please!

Incorrect category, this has nothing to do with meta. Check the pinned topic in the meta category to see what belongs to it!

There might not be a global flight server. You might just have to pay for global flight

For everyone you fly?

It wil be very boring because the ATC don’t open close to eachother so you almsot don’t have ATC

MaxSez… “What Happens”, What If, Why, Giveme! Etc. words of my youth., I left them behind years ago. We need a new category; “Wish List & Extemporaneous” for topics like this, Just sayin…

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True that…just giveme i still have in the use…like gimme more beer n stuff)

rain check you just said global flight would be boring…

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