What Happens if IFATC Opens an Off-Schedule Field?

Hey guys.
I was just curious of what happens when an Expert server ATC Controller controls an airport he wants to when it’s not in the schedule/isn’t on an ATC entire world choice day?

They are publicly shamed in the IFATC chat, called out by everyone for why they are open, and then they learn their lesson haha

in all seriousness, it usually only happens by accident and isn’t a big problem and they get corrected and open in the appropriately scheduled area


Yeah but what happens if they have the intention to control the airport without permission?

An IFATC wouldn’t do that, because he know what airports are focus for each day.
Should an IFATC by mistake opens an airport which is not in focus, fellow IFATCs or, if needed, a moderator will alert him or her.


If they open an airport that isnt in the region, and refuse to close when they are told to in the IFATC chat then they have their permissions removed to control on expert going forward.


Oh OK then. That’s kinda what I had in mind but I wasn’t sure

This can be closed now.

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