What happens if I have too many violations can I never play again on online?

Hi, my question is when I get the violations can I never play anymore online? I’m a very good pilot but sometimes when I’m doing a long flight I sleep and then when I woke up I saw I got violations. Thank you for your help.

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All violations expire, it just depends what type of violation you got. For example, if you got a Level 1 Violation, then that violation will expire in 7 days

Tip: don’t arm VNAV until you wake up


A very good pilot does not match with too many violations, as you mentioned Lol. Here are some tips for you if you would like to do long or short flights. 👇🏼

NEVER EVER TURN VNAV ON IF YOU ARE NOT THERE TO MONITOR IT, And if you are ready to start descent then turn it on.

If you are unable to start the descent, sleeping or away, add Holding in your FPL to let the aeroplane hold in the air to avoid passing your destination. I recommend adding before the STARs and you enough fuel.

IF Flightplan Tools | Editor Holding website.

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Welcome to the commuity @Joshua_Mohni!

There’s a few of these in addition to the above. Sphinx mentioned some of the others too. Off the top of my head (including what Sphinx said):

if you’re not watching, don’t:
1)arm vnav
2)climb at a faster VS than you’ve tested for the weight and altitude you’ve assigned for level off, for the aircraft you’re using (keep the climb sufficiently shallow, and the altitude conservatively low)

3)have at least the minimum fuel for your flight duration, plus ample safety margin
4)know your range of appropriate cruise speed
5)if in any doubt, use flight resume to continue the flight at a time when you are sufficiently rested to allow good judgement.