What happens after my pro subscription expires?

I will have the planes or not after the 1 month subscription finishes?

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You won’t have the planes. You will have the ones you purchased before this sub.

If Auto-Renew is on, you will be deducted 10$ automatically.


You, sadly, won’t. Unless you buy them each for 5 dollars. You still won’t have the MD11 though which sucks.


You will have all the planes that you have previously bought before you had pro, but not the other planes that come with pro.

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Uhhhhh get another sub if you can afford it


What about the regions? Are they all locked?

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To my knowledge, yes. I do think that they will be locked again.

To be clear, I’ve only ever played IF without a subscription and then with a subscription. I haven’t gone back to playing again with no subscription, but I would assume that the features available before subscription would be the same as after your subscription ends.

Won’t at least some regions around the worlid be unlocked? And if I do not have PRO, I can’t fly online anymore right?

Correct. You will be unable to fly online and solo will be your only way to fly.

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So used to flying online and seeing other aircraft. Right, thanks for your time guys

Why can’t the pro subscription’s be like instead of 1 month 7 months then you’d have a lot more time to play.

Pro Subs are 1-Month, 6-Months and 1-Year so what do you mean? Your post makes no sense @Jacob_Hoskins

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I’m sure that you could just find these with a simple search. There are topics galore answering these questions

Buy a new one! You can thank us later…