What happened?

Just woke up while en route on an overnight flight. I see I’ve been disconnected from the live server and notice the below 10,000 ft speed warning even though I’d left my device at cruise level and cruise speed. I use IF-Assistant, and was using VNAV as usual, and highly doubt I set the altitude to FL100 at any waypoint.

I would have received multiple violations and been system ghosted but as you can see in the screen shot, I didn’t so I’m wondering, what in the… and how to make sure this doesn’t happen again? It’s an absolute first for me on long hauls.

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Did you end up receiving a violation?

The warning may be stuck, and if so, it should reset after the flight.

Considering the fact that VNAV doesn’t exist yet, I’d beg to differ

No, I did not get a violation.

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On IF-Assistant I can use VNAV, and i had all my step climbs assigned at specific waypoints.

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How long has the warning been there?

My bet is that it is just stuck. It could be a bug though, so a mod/dev may be able to help better than me.

I don’t know, I just woke up lol

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A mod/dev should come to help out soon. It is a weird issue though.

In the meantime, can you go back and look at your FPL you set in IFA? You may have had VNAV set for one waypoint to descend to FL100, and you barely dropped below. This could have triggered the warning and it could have gotten stuck after you climbed out.

Hope I helped!

Did someone change the category? This should be in support no?

In that case it is very possible the 3rd party app may have had a bug and caused the issue. Obviously I wasn’t there to see what happened so I don’t know what to say, but next time I’d keep a look out for as long as possible

Hey, yeah, I just got more vios than deserved because of this. Seems to be a widespread issue.

Helps mine get reversed 🤷‍♂️ 😂

Anyway, seems to be an issue


I’ve done plenty of overnights and this is the first time I see this. There’s probably no answer other than a glitch/bug

I’m thinking it may be a bug in In-Flight Assistant. I don’t use the VNAV feature, however I’ve had similar issues before with the app that were addressed in a software fix. I’d recommend waiting for a dev or mod to swing by and see what they say. You can always email support or PM a mod if no one responds. Hope this helps :)

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I suspect I might have done that by accident and can only check the replay for that after I land. I can only get disconnected because I got 5 violations while cruising below FL100 at above 260 knots which isn’t the case here. The server disconnect in that case would make sense, and even now in solo my plane is step climbing as I instructed it lol

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We will check and see. Sometimes you can get the warning and it never go away. You could have got the warning earlier in flight. What does your replay show when the warning appeared.


I’m doing a VA flight so I’ll have to check once i either quit or land the flight (in over 2 hours). I’ll get back to you

99% chance this is a big because as you climb through 10000’ MSL it should be gone on its own.

You can close this topic.

@epaga on IF Assistant, when you look at your FPL and assign an altitude, a simple tap on altitude for any waypoint will assign FL100. That’s what happened while I was planning the flight. So at a random waypoint that I didn’t know I’d tapped in the long FPL, I accidentally assigned FL100. The result? My plane nosedived to reach that waypoint at FL100 (because of the short distance), and cruised at that altitude for a time period short enough to avoid getting a violation. Maybe a fix can be added in IF-A as well so FL100 isn’t automatically assigned when you tap altitude for a waypoint.

Nevertheless I know exactly what I need to do for this to not happen again. All good here 💯

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