What happened?

I use Infinite Flight on an iPad Pro 2017 to hand fly and my Android Samsung Galaxy s7 to fly Airbus on my joystick.

What happened?

I haven’t flown on my Samsung since the last update and the frames are really dropping. Even on medium/low graphics

They never have before.

What happaned?

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Ok…don’t panic…

First of all, make sure you dont have any background apps running (apart from any IF add-on apps that you may use) as that can take up your phone’s RAM which IF uses a fair bit of to run smoothly.

Another good thing to have turned on is ‘Limit Frame Rate’ under the Graphics section (I think) in the Settings.

A third thing (and I do this every time) is to restart IF and your phone before each flight. This makes sure your RAM and GPU are clean.

See of the tips above help and please report back with the results! Thanks!

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I appreciate that response, btw the iPad 2017 pro is not even a year older than the galaxy s7 and it runs everything without the slightest delay at all on ludicrous andall high graphics with anti aliasing on and limit frame rate off, my point being they are about the same age and at about the same cost with opposite results :(.

This is because Android have a significantly more aggressive CPU throttling. Meaning it will lower the frequency of the processors for power and temperature reasons.

If it’s dropping frame rate regardless of settings, a reinstall of the app might help.


Will do, and for me personally not to be mean, but uh…for me it solves the Android vs apple debate :( I own both.

Now, to say, I do feel the screen getting super hot on the Samsung when using Infinite Flight as opposed to the ipad pro which remains relatively cool, even on long hauls.

I will do as you suggest and reinstall. Thank you.

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