What happened with the South American Scenery?

first of all thank for this excellent application that brings us a little closer to the world of aviation, I would like to ask very respectfully that the South American continent is not taken into account in the weekly programming, in this there are also important airports that connect with the rest of the world, also the scenarios do not look quite right.

thank you again

Im not entirely sure on what you are saying here reference the scenarios not looking quite right?

I mean, the graphics in South America are not of the same quality as in the other continents

This is probably because there wasn’t much satellite imagery to use at South America. If you feel like this is a problem or error, post it in the #support

For example look at the quality of these mountains, this screenshot is approaching Bogota

Now look at the mountains in the USA

True there is quite a big difference. Going back to what I said though it could be because of the imagery in that area.

This might explain what’s going on What happened with the South American Scenery