what happened? where did they go?

i know that this isn’t too big of a change, but why? why were lights in the cockpit removed? i can barely see at night because of this, I just find it weird, can anyone answer why?


Not an issue with the app since the aircraft isn’t reworked. To me it seems like a question


Um… its always been like that… plus it hasnt been touched for a rework, and isnt planned for a rework for a very, very long time, so save the question on “when will it get reworked”


Cockpit lights are not on every aircraft, only exclusive to a few newly reworked ones. The aircraft you are flying, the 747-200 is not slated for a rework. but keep your eyes peeled!

@BaguetteMatty @Fourthnebula919
For a lack of a better term, the 747-200 wasn’t reworked, rather it was “un-worked”.
Up until a year or so ago it used to have nighttime cockpit lighting, and then for some reason it was removed.

Like OP I’m also puzzled as to why they were removed.

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