What happened to Widebodies at LGA??

Back many years ago LGA was like a small airports for regional to medium haul flights, its mostly single aisle and turboprop airliners but somehow they used to have DC-10s, L-1011, A300s, and the obviously the 767 (even the -400)

With that much planes LGA seems to be very busy as Widebodies can be suited for Laguardia since some planes can take off at Short runways perfectly into like Medium haul to Short haul flights and even on landings there also great.

However… Fast foward to today it seems to be only Narrowbodys they can go there as the CRJ, A320, 737, ERJ, & A220, Soooooo what happened to them? well its seem to be about capacity in like Widebodies like 767, or Wingspan because LGA is a small airport it seems the wingspan might be too big for LGA even its busy, Air Canada Used to operated some Rares 767s into LaGuardia but a few months ago they retired them so its no more,Even Worse Boeing 757s are also rare even its a Narrowbody, IDK about delta though, Well only for Today LaGuardia only prefers planes size in frequency.
Well some good things that some DC-10/KC-10 seems to arrive a laguardia but only for special purposes JM_2009_05_14_N220AU_002-L

But one day LGA might be built bigger and better maybe they will come back but who knows


The Yankees (MLB Team) charter a Delta 757 and they fly in and out of LGA a lot of the time, it’s always fun to see that on FR24


That DL 767 looks so odd at LGA

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oh yea! Too bad I havent caught it :(

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Planes are bigger and need more runway now. The L-1011s were likely flying domestic routes so they weren’t too heavy.

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Delta’s first 767-400ER route was LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale:

Sucks they no longer use it on the route.

The 787 could feasibly operate some short to medium-haul routes out of LaGuardia, but I’m pretty sure it faces wingspan issues like you mentioned.


@GameBoy_KIRB Well Laguardia (KLGA) has shorter runways than KEWR and KJFK and less gates meaning less slots. Furthermore KEWR and KJFK have grown since then so airlines would probalby direct larger capacuty aircraft there for more connections as well as the mantinence facilities and staffing etc.

Thats just my take on it. :)


Yea I understand that

Slot restrictions and yields means that smaller aircraft are more describable due to frequency. LaGuardia is the closest airport to Manhattan, and therefore attracts a lot of business traffic. Airlines prefer to fly a dozen flights to Chicago on RJs than to fly 2 767s.

The largest aircraft that can operate at LaGuardia is the Boeing 767-400ER. Any aircraft with a larger wingspan or higher weight can not operate there. The only widebodies US carriers operate that can fly out of the airport are the 767-300ER and 767-400ER, the A330 and 787 have larger wingspans.

Furthermore, LaGuardia has a perimeter rule that flights can only go as far as about 1500nm (Denver is the only exception). On such flights, widebodies, even 767s, are just not that efficient compared to narrowbodies. Add in the other factors, and it just doesn’t make sense right now to fly widebodies to LGA.


Might have to agree with you since its only a Domestic airport for now


I guess EWR and JFK have just been prioritized by airlines such as Delta and United.

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Delta used to fly the Tristar to LGA

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I think AC used to send the 767 to LGA but that’s retired now so there’s one gone.

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Yea We won’t be seeing those anymore :/

Cool information!
(7,000ft runway ain’t got nothing on SNA) lol

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Now they fly out of EWR instead of LGA

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they still also fly out of LGA, this was last week


Ok. I totally forgot about that.

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Yea even though it’s the smallest widebody (I think)

The smallest is the A300 I think

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