What happened to United virtual?

Hey just wondering what happened to United Virtual I’m just wondering thanks


What do you mean by what happens? Have they ceased operations?

I’m just wondering because every time I look them up it say 404 web page not found

Yea same
I would love 2 know ehat happened

I’m pretty sure they’re currently partnered with Star Alliance Virtual but we haven’t heard from them in a while.

They might be an inactive VA

I love United a ton, and I would probably make one, but I don’t have my laptop and I’m already in charge of too many things…

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I'm going to make United Virtual since they're inactive. I'm working on the website now...


I wouldn’t do that if I was you

Why not…

Maybe ask someone like a va member on the forum…

Do you know any United VA members that are still active on the forum?

Nope 😂 Ask Carson or something

I already spoke with Carson 😂

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Lol then go ahead 👌

United virtual wud explode if the 787 united comes from the -9 or -8


See here…

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