What happened to Training Server?

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NOTE: This is about Training Server not grade issues.

I was going to go on training server when it said: “GRADE 3 REQUIRED”.
Technically I am in Grade 3, but my 90 days are lowered.

I need reasoning.

Hello just complete the flight time, landings, for the 90 days. I you were already grade 3 but your grade was lowered that is the only thing you need to do. If possible please provide photos as well.

Just leave your device going on a flight for a few hours ie transatlantic flight and do some touch and goes and that should bump your grade up.

This is about what happened to training server not “gaining XP”

In the screenshot you deleted, it seems you’re Grade 1, which would explain why you can’t access the Training Server (Min. Grade 2). Exactly where does it say Grade 3 required anyway?

The XP, flight time, and landings. But never mind that. I’m asking why the training server is only for grade 3?

Used to be grade 2.

It’s not? It’s available from Grade 2 onwards…

Can you show where it says Grade 3 and above for the TS?


Can anyone solve this

It says grade three required, but it will give you access at grade 2, as it is just a typo

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A couple of weeks ago, I ran into this issue in another topic. This is what I described:

On the Multi Player tab, if you select Training Server and you don’t meet the requirements, it says: “GRADE 3 REQUIRED”

But with the Training Server tab still selected, if you go back one screen and push FLY. It says you need to at least be GRADE 2 for TS.


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