What happened to the weekly ATC schedule?

I have been away from Infinite Flight for about 5 months and thus have not been on this forum in quite some time. I remember every Monday looking at the ATC Schedule, but now it is nowhere to be seen? I may sound like an idiot, but what happened?

It was discontinued this is now in place

Thank you so much!

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There is no more atc weekly schduel but region assignments where a controller can open when ever they want in there region

@Qantas1689 it’s a shame as the new structure is impossible to plan around. Now we have pretty much the same airports online most days and they open and close sporadically versus the old system where you knew a region was going to be online for a considerable amount of time. Quite frustrating spending the time setting up a flight to then have ATC close or vv. on arrival…but I guess there’s no perfect system…