What happened to the weekly ATC schedule?

I haven’t really played this game since last summer because of school and finally have time to play again now but saw that there isn’t a weekly ATC schedule anymore. Why don’t these exist anymore?

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The weekly ATC schedule has been deleted, but we have a new region assignment system so the controlers can choose the airport they want to control :)

For more information check out this post: New ATC Region Assignments

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Thanks for the response! Where do I find the region assignments? And are the region assignments similar to the weekly schedule?

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All that info that are you asking can be found on the blog post linked above :)

I’ll link the blog just in case, this has the info that you are asking :)

This program is for IFATC members only ;)

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Some controllers announce when they open airports on these topics, you can find the region tracking topics here:

South America





Europe West and Europe East

US East and US West

Middle East

Sorry if i put too many links 😅

Yeah something like that, but the Staff still make the official events like Flash Flights, FNFs and Wacky Races, so stay tuned on the community!

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