What happened to the test catagory?

I just went to post a test for something, first I checked to make sure this test hasn’t been done but then when I went to create the topic it wouldn’t let me post it in the test catagory. Is this a bug or was it restricted deliberately. I’m a regular so I don’t think it is trust level.
Thanks, Riley


I never knew there was a test category? Oh yes there is but I don’t have any idea how to post in it.

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Its been around for ever #test

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The test category was removed/merged to the meta category. It became pointless because of the inactivity.


Thought so. Makes sense I guess

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This was Philippe a while back. It explains everything.


It still shows up as its own catagory though.

Never mind sorry didn’t see this post.

Wow it is :), nice to see it again.

I’m just gonna do my test here then. I think you can quote things people didn’t say.

Yes it worked. That might need to be fixed.

Yes it does, haha. I’m sure it won’t bother anyone. Maybe fix that quote to snowboarding more than skiing.

But I was making it true.

Back on topic now