What happened to the seattle area?

So my subscription ran out and i am unable to renew at the current moment although going through my purchases i thought oh, no big deal; i have my previous purchases. Well, my most used area pre global was the seattle area that i did pay for and now i have no way to access this, why?

you don’t have a sub, therefore you have region restrictions.


Without the pro sub, the regions you can fly in is greatly limited.

I paid for this pre global without a subscription.


So you purchased a region, then had a pro subscription, then the subscription ran out, and now the region you purchased is not showing?

Have you tried using the “Restore Purchases” button?


Couldnt find it until now. Didn’t understand how i didn’t see it. This solved it. Also i am still using the TBM w/o pro as well. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience as i just got out of the hospital and am hevily medicated. Should have pro back as soon as i goto the store and get an itunes card. Didn’t realize its 80$ per year now lol. Once again thanks for the help.

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No problem. Take care of yourself first.