What happened to the Seahawk callsign?

So I’ve been scrolling through the callsign list and I can’t find any Seahawk callsign even though there is a Seahawks livery in IF did FDS take it away or something like that?


Don’t think there ever was a “Seahawk” call sign.


Oh I thought I saw someone with it I guess they just spelled it out

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Looks like they were grandfathered in when you could type your callsign in a word and actually have it said rather than saying the military alphabet.

Like @Chris_S is “bok bok chicken” and not [bravo oscar kilo bravo oscar kilo charlie hotel india charlie kilo echo november]

Or @LaroseRoyce is “LasVegas” is not Lima Alpha Sierra Victor Echo Golf Alpha Sierra


Seahawk was not a callsign associated with the livery, as it flies under a Boeing callsign (BOE12, for example). A list of all callsigns for all airlines past or present brought up zero hits for Seahawk, so I don’t think it is one associated with any other airline you would pick from the list.

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