What happened to the drawing thread?

Guys, I’m a bit angry that the “suggest any aircraft we’ll draw it” thread is closed. May I ask the exact reason that it was closed? Who had flagged the topic as inappropriate? I, am a very frequent poster on that thread and am very frustrated that it’s closed. Please can someone give me an answer? Thanks
Also, I’m not sure in what category this should be in


Its an automatic closure by the system after a certain number of flags.

Alot of people flagged it so the system closed it automatically for 4 hours.

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Huh, but why? I didn’t see anything inappropriate!

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I will confess that I flagged a post about the fortnite battle bus and this happened, I apologise.


Yeah but it was a minor thing, how can a post be closed due to 1 single reply? That’s what I’m confused about.

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If you read this it will tell you:

“This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags”

People may have flagged other comments, or a lot of people may have flagged that one comment.

It will reopen though in 4 hours time.

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Alright, I understand now. Thanks mate


Should we make a temporary thread?

No. 4 hours is not that long.

To be honest, that is pretty much a sign telling me that the Drawing Thread shouldn’t stay open, because of the flags, etc etc. It happens with a lot of other threads. For example:

I generally hope it doesn’t turn out like the thread above…