What happened to the Boeing X-48?

The Boeing X-48 was an aircraft design that was going to change to world of aviation. The aircraft was created to be the new generation of passenger flight, to be environmental friendly, better fuel economy and a reduction of engine noise. The design and planning was done with a collaboration between NASA and Boeing. The aircraft has a similar design to the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Bomber, the entire aircraft is one giant wing, the aircraft has two GE Engines placed on the back of the airplane. The last public knowing of the Boeing X-48 was a documentary on the aircraft, testing the scale model of the design. Although in a documentary about NASA’s Airbus Super Guppy, during the documentary they transported a part of the X-48 witch seemed to be the center of the aircraft. What happened? Did lack of funding end the project, or has there been delays.

Tell me what you think happend!


I think NASA is still using the X-48 for things that the public know nothing about… and this is not a guess

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The lower part of the fuselage is made of ceramic to absorb the the heat on re-entery back in to the atmosphere.

Could be space stuff, it looks like a big pen the stuff on the ground


Abducted by aliens?
It would make a good episode of X-Files!

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Thank god that thing is not in commercial use or production. It’s ugly af.


atleast its original and unique

very true about that

Looks like three engines on the back. Experimental aircraft are so cool in my opinion.

Following the planetary society it’s pretty clear that Nasa’s funding isn’t what it used to be. We’re piggy backing on Russian rockets, at least until SLS is up and running.

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