What happened to the airbus window lights?

Usually when you set the time to sunrise, sunset, or night the airbus 318, 319, 320, 321, etc the windows will have lights in them. But now they’re gone! What happened?
Edit: And yes my graphics are set to high.

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Do you have your airplane graphics set to high or very high? That should do the trick.

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Make sure your graphic settings are on “high”. The window and cockpit lights only appear on higher graphics settings.

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I also tried that too. All my graphics are set to high but nothing yet.

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They closed all the curtains it was too distracting.


Well that’s just stupid 😂

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Man I was joking that’s not really the solution.

Do you have limited frame rate on, anti aliasing, are you sure all your graphics are on high. Snap us some screen shots.

Whoops. Well that sucks 😂😭

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It’s ok you can undo the solution

Ok here’s what really happened. It was working yesterday and I deleted the app to make storage re downloaded it so it reset all my graphics. And I thought you could change the graphics in the pause menu so I thought they were all high. My mistake!


There ya go :) sometimes it just takes talking it out. 👍


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