What happened to Saudia VA

Hello there I was just looking at VA’s and saw Saudia VA because they don’t have a new thread are they not active or was the VA shutdown because of copyright?

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Hey there!

This is probably something to ask one of the VA’s Staff members about. I’m presonally not sure what’s going on, maybe they just haven’t had the time to make a new thread yet?

Go onto their latest thread (even if it’s closed) and contact either the CEO or their Social Media Representative with your questions.

Hope I could help, and all the best on your endeavours!



From what I see, it appears that the VA is inactive. The CEO was last seen in March. I would try contacting another staff member instead.


Adding onto @TheAviationGallery,

I think they have sponsored an Saudi Arabia flyout a couple of months ago.

EDIT: Found the event:

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Like @Adam and @TheAviationGallery said, contact a staff or look for their latest thread. Also look for their website in the IFVARB Website if they are in the listings.

But I haven’t seen them active lately, I applied a long time ago and didn’t receive any reply. But do try to check, I will let you know if I find anything.


Edit: Saudi’s Virtual Website

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I have seen plenty of IFSA callsigns while flying, too.

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Saudia Virtual is known as IFSA now, no?

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As far as i know being an IFSA member, Saudia Virtual is inactive for quite a long period of time!
IFSA is a new VO, which is planning to take over the operations of Saudia Virtual & rebrand it again as Saudia Virtual Airlines…
It seems the process is underway & may soon be in the skies!! @BritishAirways001


I was the CEO and Founder of Saudia Virtual around 2 years ago. I would suggest that you contact them, but if they don’t reply in 7-10 days, you can progress with further action.

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Thank you so much!! I will let the management know about it… 😊

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I am already doing that

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