What happened to RWY33/15 at KORD?

After the update which included the CRJ2 and CRJX, I noticed KORD was edited and realized runway 33 and runway 15 are gone. Does anyone know what happened?

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Hello! Those runways were closed in real life on March 29th which means they would be closed on Infinite Flight. Check out the article below :)


I don’t get that because IF still has Berlin tempelhof airport which is now closed.

The airport editors try to keep the bigger airports as refreshed as possible so it creates more realism. The Berlin Temphelof Airport may be closed soon, but it’s really up to if one of the editors take the project to delete and remove it.

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I hope they don’t remove tempelhof from IF because I find the circle taxiways around the airport fun and I find the history to it very interesting.

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It will probaly stay around for a while so I wouldn’t worry too much. I find the older airports a lot of fun too with some crazy taxiways

Basically when a Runway closures happen IRL(In this case at Chicago Airport) IF does it to basically keep a high level of realism

They need to close 23R/05L at LSGG too

Brandon is correct. This airport was updated recently and runway 15/33 was removed as it is no longer operated in real life (it is now a taxiway).

Editors cannot always keep track of every single change an airport has. We try to with the bigger and busier airports but the smaller airports may go unnoticed. Please post any other airport inaccuracies using the Google link in the description so we can address other issues. It helps a lot.

Thank you!

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