What happened to "Region Of The Week"?

In previous FNF and Turbulent Tuesdays, I remember seeing “Region Of The Week” to premote another region for the week, which was a great idea! Does anyone know what happened to it?


Not that I am aware but Qantas seems to be the one doing something similar hahaha


Region of the week is stopped or at least paused since Mark (Mark_Denton) makes the events.
Previously David (david) made them.

Yes, I can see that, but why?

ha ha yes at Qantas we are slowly working around the regions that we have scheduled flights in, with our events to celebrate our 4th year anniversary of being a VA. Got three more weeks (SFO this week, then Hawaii followed by back to Sydney) will then have to work out what we are doing to follow up with next! Back around Anti-Clockwise ? or maybe visit the regions which we DONT fly to…(Amsterdam, Chicago, Denver, & Charlotte!)

Wow if you guys go ACW it’ll take forever 😂

lol, don’t want to hog the airways!!

think we will stick to our orginal plan then have a breather for a bit to give other people a chance to arrange something for a Saturday!!

Mods Fried the region of the week and ate it

You can ask @Mark_Denton, he manages FDS events now :)

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