What happened to On Frequency topics?

Hey, I was just wondering, what happened to On Frequency topics? I found them to be engaging and fun! The last On Frequency topic I can find is Week Five, which was about spaceflight.

Are On Frequency topics still happening, and I’m just not finding them?


I think they stopped…?

Ultimately, @Marc would have a better answer, but looking at the last few topics, engagement has not been too high. In the topic linked, there were 17 total replies for a week long topic.

When engagement is low like that, it sends a message that the community may not be interested in those sort of topics, especially when he puts a lot of work into making them possible.


okay, gotcha. Well, thanks for the explanation, Drummer! Kinda sad that the community as a whole began to become disinterested. I for one found them to be quite engaging!


Hey @NewsDude

Sorry for the delay, I’m currently traveling. The explanation @Drummer gave is correct. You’re the first user asking about that series ever since it went on a break, so it doesn’t look like there’s really a demand for it. It was fun to try though, maybe we’ll have another one at some point.

Have a nice end of the week!


How about monthly rather than weekly? Some of the topics were genuinely good, although space isnt that interesting /:

Okay, gotcha! I kinda figured it would be something along the lines of what @Drummer said. Thanks for the response, and I hope you enjoy your travels!