What happened to non pro

For fun I decided to to sign out of my pro account. We I look I saw many more spots to fly in. Back when I didn’t have pro it was a little bit of regions. Also I realized that the app is now only 1 dollar. This shows that IF aren’t money greedy. They want to make it as cheap as possibly for us.

When did this happen?


That’s not showing for me

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IF has never been money greedy. I believe the pricing is fair for the product. You pay 10 bucks a month for unlimited flying across the entire globe with hundreds of other pilots and friends and active ATC with over 30 aircraft and countless liveries, all on a mobile device. I assure you they aren’t and weren’t trying to “steal” money or be “greedy”, all companies need to have some sort of profit.


Oh I know why you bought those regions

Before global came out

Hmmm. Did you happen to buy any of those regions before the release of global? I just messaged my friend who doesn’t have Pro and has never purchased a region, and he does not have all those.


I have never bought a single region

Nope. I didn’t. And those places were available before global.

Hmmm. I am intrigued now. Let me do some quick digging. One second.

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I’m just talk about what those salty kids in the IG conments say.

Ok. I hate the 10 word thing lol.

I am pretty sure it’s a visual glitch. I found this…

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I’m going to read it.

I am pretty sure this happened when 20.1 came out or a little after 20.1

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Ohh I’m goin to try what he did.

Hmm. It’s happened before 20.1. As show in another post.

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Interesting, I didn’t ever see the new regions before 20.1. I never looked though so that is probably why

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Any luck?

Yea I closed it and opened it again and it went back to normal. Sorry forgot to get back to you.