What happened to Luxair Virtual?

The previous CEO of Luxair Virtual was @baseballinferno who is now banned from the community. But I’d like to know, does Luxair Virtual still exist? If yes, I’d like to join.

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Luxair virtual was shut down by the IFVARB administration team.

So it doesn’t exist anymore?

Well no, as it’s been shut down.

Nope, unless you create one

But why was it shut down?

Because the CEO is suspended from IFC

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I see now thanks

No problem :)

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I was running my own Luxair Virtual airline like 3 years ago, but we never reached critical mass. Was a lot of work, though. Are you interested in Luxair? If we got enough people together, I would consider starting it again.


I think luxair is too small for people to be really interested in it. People here want to have a million planes and a billion routes, meanwhile luxair has 2 IF planes and less than 100 IRL routes


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