What happened to Lufthansa's A380s?

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I was recently browsing through FlightRadar24 on the hunt finding out where Lufthansa has stored their fleet. I also recently heard that Lufthansa is planning on retiring 6 of its Airbus A380s due to the given circumstances. So I thought why not go through the trouble of finding out where all A380s in the Lufthansa fleet are stored once and then make it accessible for everyone here!

Here’s one of the Lufthansa whales landing at Frankfurt Airport before the crisis…

Airbus A380:

D-AIMA - A380-841 - Stored in Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF)
D-AIMB - A380-841 - Stored in Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF)
D-AIMC - A380-841 - Flying repatriation flights (Currently en route to Auckland)
D-AIMD - A380-841 - Stored in Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF)
D-AIME - A380-841 - Stored in Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF)
D-AIMF - A380-841 - Stored in Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW/EDHI)
D-AIMG - A380-841 - Stored in Munich (MUC/EDDM)
D-AIMH - A380-841 - Stored in Munich (MUC/EDDM)
D-AIMI - A380-841 - Stored in Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF)
D-AIMJ - A380-841 - Flying repatriation flights (Currently on ground in Frankfurt)
D-AIMK - A380-841 - Stored in Munich (MUC/EDDM)
D-AIML - A380-841 - Stored in Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF)
D-AIMM - A380-841 - Flying repatriation flights (Currently en route to Frankfurt)
D-AIMN - A380-841 - Flying repatriation flights (Currently on ground in Auckland)

(Source: FlightRadar24.com and airfleets.net)

Give me a feedback if I should find out where the complete fleet is stored for you!


Pretty sure it’s there for repainting. Great list though!

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Lufthansa repaints their aircraft in either Manila or Rome Fiumicino

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They definitely repainted another A380 in Finkenwerder, as Airbus has some spare capacity for the A380 painting facility there.

Wait, In Manila? I live in Manila but I’ve never seen LH A388?

There is a Lufthansa maintenance centre in Manila

Yes I know. I live here in Manila but I’ve never seen them land at my home airport.

Even some videos of Manila Airport,I’ve only seen BA A388.

I can now confirm that D-AIMF was really being painted there, she emerged with the new livery:


What a beauty!

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Lufthansa does their new livery paintings in China

That may be the case as well (I honestly don’t know), but they do repaints in Finkenwerder (Hamburg) (for sure for the A380), Norwich for the short-haul aircrafts and many other places for sure (too).

Wow, that looks spicey! 🥵

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