What happened to landing smoke?

I remember sometime last year when on the loading screen before spawing at and airport it said Landing smoke coming soon! I just wondered what happened to that idea? Did it not work out?


they showed this in a video on YouTube that it was coming real soon…i guess ATC was more of the focus…so we have to wait and see…

They said there were issues with it and that landing smoke would come at a later date (Ya need to do a bit of scrolling on their FB page but it’s there)

Long live the DC-9!

Don’t worry, it will come.

They are working on it, just like everything else. It will be done when it’s done.

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Almost 2016 and still no landing smoke. :(

I believe they dismissed it due to device issues or something like that.

I think instead of landing gear smoke you might end up getting real smoke coming out of your phone with performance issues, maybe that’s reason Dev’s taking their time.


You are all asking for landing smoke. Do you know how landing smoke is produced?

What? YGTBSM! Max Sends

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