What happened to Infinite Flight Twitch Streams

What happened to the Infinite Flight Twitch Streams? All the official event streams used to be on Twitch but recently were moved over to YouTube and it seems to be staying on YouTube permanently.

What went wrong?

Hello! I don’t really know why, but if I were to guess, the YouTube channel is more popular. It has 100K subscribers, so maybe it brings more people to the streams, rather than Twitch. Infinite Flight has a bigger community on YouTube.


Plus they’ve introduced the channel memberships which quite possibly brings in more revenue than Twitch, and so it makes commercial sense for them to focus on YouTube.

what even is twitch

Channel memberships don’t have anything to do with their revenue, because they are donating all of the money that they make from channel memberships.


Oh yes they are aren’t they, forgot about that.

A video streaming platform where creators share their gameplay of video games, or engage with a community in a stream

Just one of my many thoughts to why.

Twitch has a thing where you have to either get in before a certain amount of streamers to get quality settings or pay for it. That limits it to a lot of people who don’t have fast enough WiFi as every time they have been on twitch it was locked to 1080p 60fps which is hard for a lot of people including me. On YouTube you can adjust the quality to make it lower or higher which allows a lot more people to watch the streams.

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Hey there, thanks for the concern!

We are aware of our twitch being left in the dark. There are a few factors as to why we have decided to stop streaming on twitch. I wont list all of them, but one big factor contributing towards this decision was that we already have a large following on YouTube. We have tried to multi-stream in the past on both platforms. However, we encountered some technical issues which put a stop to that.

With that being said, just for clarity as I’ve mentioned it above, Twitch streams will unfortunately no longer be a thing and all future streams will take place on our official YouTube channel!


Ok then! I’ll make sure to check YouTube regularly!

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