What happened to GA day?

What happened to GA day? I thought it was supposed to be every 2 weeks and I didn’t see (and can’t find any) reference to one happening the week just gone? :(

Apologies if I have missed any info regarding it.


Yeah you are right, it’s been 18 days now.

Hopefully something will be posted this weekend, i’m hopeful someone will be able to help you more than I have!

I believe GA Day will be once a month.


Yeah, Tyler can say more, but I think it’s going to be less frequent based on traffic (or the lack thereof) and other feedback from the last one. Quite unfortunate if you ask me :(

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Thats a real shame.

I was really looking forward to a GA day in the Appalachian mountains or somewhere in Alaska. It’s a shame.

Sad though because of the 60° border which sucks for most of Alaska

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GA Day was supposed to be bimonthly, but was changed to monthly based on the feedback the team got. The next one will probably be on Monday 1st of March.


It’s once a month, It will probably be in the the months first week ATC schedule.

No worries, could have sworn it was every 2 weeks (lockdown brain lol) looking forward to the next one

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You were correct but they changed it like Chris said :)

Ah I didn’t see Chris’ reply until after I posted, I need to pay more attention lol

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