What happened to all of my stuff?

So everything in my account is screwed up. It’s telling me to update my planes and it didn’t save all of my xp and landings form my previous flights. I had 38,000 XP and 55 l landings. What’s going on? I already tried restarting the app and still nothing

All you have to do is sign back in.

Ok let me try real quick

Also the planes where updated so you may just need to re download them.

Still nothing. I lost 2,000 xp and 1 landing. Wonderful

Xp and landing count offen do take time to update.

Please see this. And as @Brandon_Sandstrom said, XP & flight time are updated on a regular basis during your flight. It will be added after a while.

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It was a 10 hour flight. I remember when I finished the flight I got to 38,000 XP and it read 55 landings in my grade book.