What happened to AI planes and formation flying?

In 2012, you teased some solo formation flying with some AI planes. Is that something that you could implement in the future?

I guess it’s still really unpolished, or maybe they would need too much cash to do it that would make it unworthwhile.


It’s not that hard putting boxes on the map though. I mean, if they were worked on AI since 2012, it should have been done by now ;)

Live replaced the AI planes idea. Live proved to be a better and much more fun option.


Yes,thats certainly true!!

Hmm. I guess so. It would still be nice to have some AI planes flying around in a formation you know when you’re not connected to wifi.

That would be super cool if Al planes were in the game , brings it to a whole nother level and would make up for all the empty places in multiplayer

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There is absolutely no point in having AI now that we have Live. AI planes will never be as good as having real pilots flying with you. Also it would be a huge performance bottleneck, especially on mobile.

We rather improve the Live experience so it can be smoother and use less bandwidth than adding any type of AI.

We often start implementing features and then realize it is not ready for prime time or we find a better long term strategy.


I fully understand you Philippe and you’ve changed my mind. :P Great negotiating skills X)

@philippe, is that what happened to the Spitfire formation mission, then?

I certainly agree, with these features you can’t just say ‘It would be nice’, these features take a lot of work to establish and are also very expensive- it’s like having a rack of ribs ‘on the side’- it’s too big to go on the side!