What happened to 4-light PAPI lights?

Just a quick question about PAPI lights. Before the global update, there were 4 PAPI lights at runways and now there are only two. What is the reason for this. Would it be possible to bring the 4 light PAPIs back?

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yeah i noiced that!!!

Maybe add this to the features category, so people can vote for it.

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Hmmmm good question. I always remembered there being two.

Found this in the PAPI Tutorial.


I know there were four if there were parallel runways, two on one side and two on another for the other runway.

Ewwww look at that terrain…


When the airport editing team adds PAPI lights they render as two in IF, if you see four its because the airport editors put two PAPI’s side by side to eachtoher. IFAET has been told to remove this as the developers will add four light PAPI’s in the future.
Furthermore there are tons of #features request’s out there to improve runway lighting and airport lighting as a whole
which includes PAPI lights ;).

Feel free to give it a vote!

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The precision approach path indicator lights are to the left of the runway to provide an example…

I always thought it was 2… even if it were to be 4 you cant see them anyway

Ok, thank you. Mods can close this topic now. Thanks!

Closed by request.