What happened in your first legitimate crash (second part)

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What happened in your first legit crash? I can’t remember mine

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I crashed


I wanted to see what would happen if I crashed. So I saw a big mountain and ran my plane into it 😈


Nose dived at 1600kts with the F-22 at EGLL

Trolling session didn’t go well

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I crashed.

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A stall on final… For some reason the approach mode hadnt captured the glideslope, so I got about 500ft too high before I noticed.

When I disengaged Autopilot the A320 took a nosedive (I know how to trim now!) and I couldn’t get it back under contol 😢


awesome! now ill be sure to be having a panic attack since thats what im about to fly now

Ryanair 737: am I a joke to you

a few years ago, dumb me who didn’t know step climb wanted to climb a 772 directly to FL390 on a 11 hour flight

went away from my device when crossing FL330 (or something close) and came back a few minutes later to a crash screen


2 years ago, I don’t really know what went wrong but I was doing an 11 hour flight with qatar airways a340 and was about 40 minutes away from landing. I left my house leaving my phone and when I came back to the crash screen and my plane near the airport on the ground at night. I think I might have accidentally disengaged autopilot or something😅 a real mysterie…

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