What happened in British?

I was at Flightradar24, and I see gouvernement plane, it is normal?
I am from Canada, I don’t know if he has an event here or what, have a nice day or night !

Can you provide an image please?

image image image image image image


Dang, that doesnt looks right… idk tho

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You can post it on FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3]

A lot of RAF bases in England - nothing to worry about! 😀


The best suggestion is to do what @JetSuperior5192 said. I’m pretty sure that the people who follow that thread will know what to say.


If you go on globadsexchange you’ll see a TON of military aircraft in the UK, I guess they just popped on FR24 for some reason

RAF planes are very common on FR24. The A330 MRTTs for example are a very common sight.

However, this may be something to do with a training flight, but really, the RAF has a very big fleet, so seeing some of their equipment flying around shouldn’t be something out of the usual.

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What surprises me most is that it’s showing on flightradar. Usually government and air force aircraft don’t use mode S transponders due to them being easily spotted. So for them to pop up is a tad strange. I know for instance the King Airs C90 and B200/B350 will show but the rest won’t. But I guess ask around the the above-mentioned topic

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Moat of our Hawks and also our Apache’s are very common on FR24, you will find most operational fighters wont appear but nearly everything else will

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There were some cool KC-135’s and RC-135’s heading east out of the UK earlier today, that was pretty cool!

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Maybe the guys first language isn’t English 🙂think before you speak


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