What happened here

ik its just a small bug but the back gear started spinning first can anyone explain why?

My best guess is the coding is when the gear touches down the back wheel is first. But I’m not staff/developer.

Just a best guess again.


ah that would make sense

That’s what I was thinking. If you watch a real jet land, the back gear are always tilted back so that the rear set of wheels touch down before the front set. While the visuals may be off and they don’t appear to land first, it’s probably still in the actual code that they do.lufthansa-airplane-landing-touchdown-runway-touching-down-167099884


that’s for most airliners but for planes like the a350 the front gear tends to touch first. and if you watched the videos you will see that the front gear touched first


I also had this bug lol

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oh waittt i get what you sad now the code for planes that have differnt facing gear is the same so the back gear will always start spinning frist

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