What happened during my Korean Air Flight?

So i was flying with Korean Air’s 747-8. On my phone i kept getting the message, internal storage is low please free up space. I literally cant delete anything else. IF is the only game i have and its took up ALL my storage! After that i saw this happen…


Is it a glitch thats never happened? Is it my device? I wish IF didnt take up so much room. And i dont even have all the planes downloaded! I need help. If there is any help someone can give me please tell me.

I guess it’s because of the black floor glitch. It’s a known issue and the developers are looking into it.

This is the black Floor, this is a known problem.
The dev’s are working on it🙂

Thank you for contacting Support,

please have a read through this topic on how to make Support topics;

Also read this thread which is about the same issue and should give you sometipson how to resolve!

Happy Flying!