What Happened at KDEN?

It has come to my attention that there is something wrong with the Tarmac at Denver international airport.

There is a big section of Tarmac connecting to the south part of the main terminal that should not be there. It was added in the last update. Anyone have any clue why it’s there?


This was edited by @Kilt_McHaggis- he may be able to elaborate a bit more.

My two pence is that the Airport editing team use satellite images to edit airports, although I cannot see this on any of those images.

That my friend is dirt rendered as concrete. Easily removed. IF currently only renders concrete and asphalt.

Modified as below

But in real life it’s grass and parking lots…

Now it is nothingness:

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I have cut out the area. It will be replaced by the natural landscape. We do not typically draw all of the car parks as it is a airplane simulation :)

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That was the same thing that made KPSP show up on concrete before the update; the airport IRL is on gravel which was rendered as concrete by IF.

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