What happen if pro subscription ended in flight?

My subscription will end at January 18.I want to make my last flight from LAX to next IFATC destination.If the destination is far,I’m really scared if my flight stopped in middle of flight because Pro has end.I want to finish my flight first before saying goodbye to IF for sometimes.


I belive the flight will work if you are in a flight and the Subscription ends, just make sure you have ended the Subscription so it don’t auto update it.


Your flight won’t stop, you will just become offline. The scenery and everything will load in just fine so you can still land but there won’t be any ATC or other pilots around.

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I thought ATC still have until I finish my flight.

I mean maybe.
I’m just talking from personal experience; mind you it was around a year go so it could have changed

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I’m pretty sure it’ll keep everything alive and working normally until you end the flight.

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Yeah I think this is the case too. You should be able to operate everything normally until you leave the session

There is a grace period which lasts different amounts of time depending on your luck (some even got 15 days). Not sure if it works if you outright cancel renewal, as, at least in the app store, they can see the difference between the 2 (here in Handle Lapsed Subscriptions ), but people had it when their payments failed.

If you cancel a Subscription, you won’t Get a Grade period.

Decending on the duration of the Subscription, the Grade period will be 6 or 16 days

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