What happen after aircraft reached its maximum takeoff speed?

What happen after aircraft reached its maximum takeoff speed and staying on runway?why?

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what if I dont?

If you have flaps it will lift itself if not just keep going down the runway

what if I dont use flaps? I can takeoff without flaps

“Max Sez”. @HandmadePilot… Young man it appears you need a lesson in aerodynamics and a little ground school study! I suggest you download the following Publications from faa.gov: "“The Pilots Handbook”.& “The Pilots Handook of Aeroknotical Knowledge”. Every aviator I know has a dog eared copy of these pubs in their flight bag.


thanks where can I get the handbook? im still 11 years old

@HandmadePilot… Go to the Web Site “faa.gov” on your computer browser.
Search within the FAA site for publications. Select the titles noted in the previous post and download them to your pad. Hope that helps.
If you don’t get the procedure ask you Dad or big brother for help.
Welcome young fella. Keep asking questions the Forum has the ansewers there are Eagles nesting here! Max Sends


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This community is for lessons too, you know.

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@Sebwillisfly. Give the guy a brake my friend… He’s only 11 and doing his best. Max


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Max Sez… Beware! “There are snakes on this plane”. LOL


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@HandmadePilot. It was not a waste of time Pilot. Don’t be dazzled by the guys who just wanna have fun and throw a curve ball! It’s just part of the game of life when you play with the big kids. Suck it up. Learn from it. Keep asking some of us are here to help… Separate the good from the bad, lessons learned in life’s journey. Hope to hear from you again! Max

(suggest you show this posting to your Dad. He’ll explain to you how a chat room or forum works. You gotta take a little ribbing it’s a good thing. Never get mad get even!)

Have to say i agree with maximumstang.

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