What Grade are you?

I’m grade 3 and I can’t raise it because I don’t fly as often. :-(

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2, because imma skrub ;)


Grade 1 cuz I haven’t had live for a while 😁


Am I the only one struggling to figure out if being a 4/5 is a good thing? It’s bad enough not having a life, meow I have a colored tag to tell the whole IF world 😳


I’m now in grade four. I have to land 50 times.

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Grade 5 :)


Grade 3

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I’ve noticed a huge disparity between Grade 3’s

XP can 25k or 250k with relatively low violations for each.

Seems like there’s a lot of weighting towards the sheer volume of landings and XP counts for little nowadays?

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grade 4

I think I will not intentionally aim or work for grade 5 but let it happen over time (moths, years;-), because otherwise that would mean I would have to forget about the real life

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Same man, need to get more flight hours… 160 to go

I’m Grade 4. I think I control more than I fly.

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You and I are in the same boat. I’m about 70 hours away from grade 5. lol

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I’ve Got the lovely lemon tart coloured display name Grade 5 :D



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