What grade are you?

I know everyone is convinced that grade is reflective of ability, but look at what it measures. It’s reflective only of the time you have to fly or have spent flying, nothing more.

If you’re a Grade 5 pilot who still believes that Remaining In Pattern is the only takeoff request in existence, even if you’ve landed 12,000 times, you’re gonna request it on the next flight.

I see this all the time as IFATC. I honestly don’t look at a pilot’s grade for even a millisecond. It is a terrible indicator of ability.

I had a Grade 5 just the other day who announced going around every single pattern after landing. He thinks he’s right, so even if there were a Grade 6 or a Grade 20, he is gonna keep doing it, because it’s what he’s always done.

I’ve also had people with 40050 XP PM me with questions on how they can improve even minor details to become better.

Now, who’s better? A guy with a million XP from flying thousands of touch-and-goes (incorrectly), or the pilot with barely enough to qualify for Expert who is actively ensuring that they improve from one flight to the next?

Grades. Are. Meaningless.


A M E N PEACE to Tim lol

325 Landings in one day!

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well, calling it meaningless is a bit too harsh. It is neither all black nor all white. It is obviously an indicator but not 100%. But having that feels much better, that I shall add : )

How is it harsh? It’s a statement of fact. There is a mixture, as you, yourself, said, and thus don’t indicate skill.

In order for them to be a consistent predictor of ability, the model would have to hold true every time, meaning it would have to be all black or all white, to be useable as a predictive model of skill.

Meaning, all Grade 5s would have to be excellent pilots, and no Grade 3 pilot could surpass a Grade 5 in skill or ability.

You cannot possibly say that’s the case, thus grades as a predictive model of skill doesn’t hold even slightly, and as such, they cannot logically serve as a measure of such. [These are logical truisms (e.g. for there to be a law of gravity, I can’t fall back to Earth some jumps but float away on others, it must hold every time).]

They are a predictive model of how much someone flies and lands, not skill. I’m not sure how that can possibly be in dispute unless one was to attack the Straw Man version (which would be the “there are no good 5s and only good 3s” which is not at all what I said).

If it’s harsh to say that one can accrue massive amounts of landings and XP while being a poor pilot, then I suppose it is, who am I to say? But the statement is demonstrably true, and that’s all that matters to me. Fact or fiction. True or false. Emotion is for Fine Arts majors. [FAs are awesome. I’m just joking. Settle down all you MFAs.]


I totally agree about the grades not representative of the skill. Although I would like to comment on grade 1. Before going on live, I watched all the tutorials multiple times and tried my best to learn everything. When I went live, I was still making some mistakes. It took me a while to get rid of the big and medium ones… and I only achieved that by practicing and practicing. Coming back to grade 1. My point is that unless you already know the procedures, because you’re a pilot in real life or whatever reason, it will take you some practice to know the stuff. The amount of hours and xp you need for grade 2 isn’t much, so by the time you’ve learned the essentials, you’re probably grade 2.(or even maybe 3). The reason I’m saying this is just that for me a grade 1 can’t be a good pilot. (Unless he just joined the sim and is already a pilot or he just got 6 violations)

For the other grades I do agree it doesn’t mean much. As IFATC I have also seen big mistakes come from grade 5s…although they’re usually bad habits that they probably saw in they’re ts1 days. Like remaining in the pattern, going around, request frequency change even though they were already instructed to and other mistakes that annoy controllers😉

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I think it’s time for a grade 6 or a grade elite, something like that!


I’m a grade 4 and it’s a struggle I was stuck on grade 3 for months because of my landings in 90 days count… Just got back to grade 4 and grade 5 seem like an eternity. I have about 200 landings to go… Probably gonna get there by Summer. I think grades should utilize landing to violation ratio. And for those with a bad violation count they have the ability to reset back to grade 1 once and start over.

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I’m grade 4.I have about 1000 landings !

grade 4 and pretty much satisfied with it. grade 5 still too far away as I can only fly at most 3 times a day so I’m not going to push myself :)

sometimes on a hefty crosswind I still landed like a grade 1 though :p, so pretty much agree with @Tim_B opinion :)

Grade 4 now, still 350 landings from Grade 5. It’ll happen someday. But for now, this green badge is cool

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Grade 5 1001 Landings

MaxSez: Thanks @Tim_B you beat me to it, Grades are only valuable to the young who’s ego’s bruise easily. Of real importance; With the introduction of Global the antiquated Grade/Scoreing System has been proven inadequate. Ask anyone who wastes there time doing T/G’s to get an ego & landing pump. I just fly the Damm Plane… (Revamp the currant Scoreing System… What say you Members?)


I’m grade 4. I spent about 4 months working towards it!

I agree
3 million xp, 5000hours 10,000flights

Then vote for my idea @LaroseRoyce @AndrewRG10 if you haven’t already :) Not a grade 6, but more of a career extension of what already exists.


I am finally a Grade 5, took few months but I got it!

Only thing that stinks about being 5 is one mess up, and grade 2…

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Grade 5. Just did a lot of landings so I went from 3 to 5 pretty quick


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