What grade are you?

There is another topic, but it’s closed and old. I think it would be nice to compare the numbers especially since people are complaining about bad pilots.

Here are the results of the other topic:


      1)     2%

      2)     13%

      3)     37%

      4)     35%

      5)     13%

Here’s the new poll:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5

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Thats not so nice Wattsup :/, he would just like to know the grade’s of the community, im sure this can be kept open as long as it stay’s productive and a civilized discussion remains :).


It’s just to compare. If there are enough people that vote I think that the numbers might be quite similar to the old ones.
If it’s like that I would compare it to people always say that the new generation of kids is always bad and that sort of stuff.

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Sorry. It seemed like enough people already voted in the other one but, I didn’t see it was from last year.

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No problem

The fact it’s from last year is also great to compare the results. I’m nearly sure they’re going to be nearly the same.

Already now without many votes me can see there are two high numbers two medium and one close to zero like in the old topic. Have to wait a few hundred of votes tough for a conclusion.

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I’m always changing from grade 3 to 4 because of the landings in the last 90 days. Right now I’m 4, but tomorrow I might be 3 only to go back to 4 a day later.
But yeah 4.

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  1. I’m too busy at the moment to commit to landings. I miss my green badge. 😭

Technically I’m a grade 4 but because of landing count I’m grade 3

Technically Grade 5 but cause of global now got a green badge


Too busy on the community. You’re a regular.
Actually since I got the account on the community I’ve spent more time on it than in infinite flight 😅

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Too busy working! Haha.


I’m in the same boat as @BAH242, I’m hopping the fence daily between 3 & 4 due to landings. Currently at 99 landings :l


I miss flying the orange way(a.k.a grade 5).
Well grade 3 would be useful for now.

Goes to show how very few Grade 1s and sometimes Grade 2s aren’t on the IFC.

Yes I agree. I think the community should be better advertised on the sim

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I’m currently 2, because of a autopilot incident that gave me a violation. So I have to wait a week for grade 3.

Currently Grade 3 unfortunately. I don’t have much time to do some patterns lately, especially since Global comes out. Hopefully I can get Grade 4 soon 😊


After the first 100 votes we can already see that the numbers are really close to the old ones!

I am about to get grade 3

I don’t find this post very relevant, but I have filled in the poll.
Please do realize that by far most lower Grades are not on this forum. So you will get an idea of the Grades of the people on this community only - well, the ones that visit ☺️