What got you into ATC?

This goes out to all Expert IFATC and aspiring IFATC on the training server, what got you into ATC?

Since Infinite Flight is primarily a flight simulator, why do you prefer ATC over flying?


Just the feeling of knowing that I probably just saved someone from getting taxied through. Just kidding, but on a serious note I do like knowing that I got planes off the ground safely. Another thing is I like the stress it gives me (if that makes any sense.) I do prefer ATC over flying because for me flying just feels like I’m sitting there doing nothing. And the constant feeling to check, and make sure everything is running smoothly isn’t for me. I’m IFATC if you were wondering.


Nice. I just did one of my first ops in the training server at LAX, and man was it intense! It was like 10 aircraft giving different instructions and commands. I got through it though.


I wanted something different. I navigate the nations busiest airports on a weekly basis and sometimes it’s frustrating. I’ve tweaked what happens IRL to see if what I thought in my head would actually work better… which it normally doesn’t.

It’s a fun way to relax but still get that brain juiced up on adrenalin. Keeping up the skills with task management, situational awareness and critical thinking!


I love, love, love controlling on the Expert Server and being apart of the IFATC Group. I enjoy controlling more than flying, as I like knowing that I have been apart of that aircraft and pilots experience on Infinite Flight during their flight for either their departure or landing.

I also love the aspect of managing the airspace and making sure everyone gets in and out in the most efficient, safest and quickest way possible.


I’m not in IFATC yet, but I have taken the theory and am training for my practical.

I think that what really got me interested in ATC was watching other controllers handle such large volumes of traffic efficiently. This includes people like Tim, Trio and Prashant (just to name a few). Controllers like them can effectively manage an airspace so that pilots depart/arrive in a timely matter, but still receive excellent ATC service. It awes me to witness this in action, and I applied for IFATC to be able to do the same someday.


Send me a DM sometime if you want a partner ATC on the TS.

I like giving back some, so I do ATC on TS. It’s nice to have an active ATC when flying, so I guess I’m giving that back to those who take it more serious.

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I think I like the system control - it can be very satisfying, particularly after a day at work where control has been lacking. Unfortunately my new job prevents me from having the necessary time to put in many proper IFATC sessions.


The fact that it is really enjoyable! And I can stop people taxiing through each other and all that. When the airspace is busy it gives you a sense of achievement to move them around safely.

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For me personally, It gives me the option of exploring different avenues that make me look at different options for my career. I have always wanted to be a pilot and understanding what ATC wants from a pilot is truly important. Plus it also gives you the option that if I don’t feel like flying I have the option of controlling a busy airport on the expert server.

I never thought of my name being added along wid some star controllers haha,but thanks a lot. Appreciate it!


I provide occasional training server gnd & twr services for the following reasons:

-I love ATC controlling and am greatly inspired of some of the better IFATC controllers in Expert.
-I also hope to aid more understandings of advanced ATC instructions to the genuine grade 2&3 pilots who may not have/have minimal knowledge of ATC and have been incorrectly conducting at airports. (Same purpose as TSATC)
-I do not intend to become an IFATC any time soon
-I got ghosted for unintentional reasons in ES

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I do see some improvements in TS about all the taxi through people and takeoff without clearance so on, but we still have people land on the wrong runway, and very determined to do so.


I’ve ever been interviewed by ATCEG! Read it Here where I am answering the questions about being an ATC.

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I wanted to know what the dark side felt like 😈. No I wanted to know how things looked from the controllers perspective and to become a better pilot. I enjoy controlling and so I stick with it.

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I love having the feeling that I provided service, and giving clearances, having an organized airspace, talking with every approach controller, ATCEG (Thanks to @Trio) and having @Tim_B (always doing explanations, really great. I like his posts.) and obviously my buddy, @Prashant_Divedi :)

Just having to control the airspace in Expert Server, it’s something different from training. Every time I open/close , it feels like I accomplished something.

Have a good day!


Wrong interview @Edivan_dcds, this one. ;)


I wanted to take a step further and understand the „other end“ of the Expert Server. I enjoy both and can give the community something back by controlling on expert. :)

Have always had interest in ATC, grandfather was ATC and it’s a career i wished i would’ve pursued.

Now doing ifatc, it’s such a rush. I love the test that it gives you and the challenges you face from a busy airspace. Being able to help the community have hopefully an enjoyable time in my airspace is a thrill


I think this video did it for me.

I love the order in the mess
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