What got you interested in Aviation?

We all have different reasons for getting attracted towards the aviation sector. It would be interesting to know the different perspectives and ambitions whether as a hobby or professional career. So what got you into it?


I have 2 cousins that work for jetBlue as flight attendants and my sister currently goes to college to become a pilot. Umm, I guess it just runs in the blood.


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My earliest memories contain a fascination for aviation. At very young age, I wanted to be a pilot and I could just see myself walking through the aiport in my blue suit, with my crew. These big aircrafts taking off just makes me stop and watch. I love simulation ‘games’. Car, truck, train or flying, all cool - but flying is the best, with IF on the lead!


Some people say it runs in my blood. My grandfather worked on secret planes for NASA JPL and was a huge aviation guy. My father wanted to be a pilot when he was young, and now me.


I travel a lot, i love the planes because they are an engeneering marvel, and in my country they earn 8600 euros per month


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what got me interested: Nice pilots at united airlines and of course the beautiful flight attendants.
Just joking bout the flight attendants.


Nice pilots and flight attendants got you interested in aviation? What about the fascinating airplanes, beautiful views, the technology behind it and so much more?


to be honest simply the peoples nice actions can inspire and make a persons feeling for that thing go very far

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Thanks to Infinite Flight. Now, I’m attracted with the aviation world and learned lots of aviation knowledge ✈❤

I used to be really bored when my friend talks about planes and etc back when I was in elementary. I really regret it now


Every since I was like 7, we went to the airport to take a flight, and I saw the nose of that beautiful TAM A320… that huge landing gear, and humans looking so tiny compared to that beast. Then… well, fascination for Concorde, A380, and Air Crash Investigation, led me into what it is now…


Well for me, my mom loves travelling, and that made me love aviation ! Thanks mom :D

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Funny story with me, I have ADHD, so I’ve always loved planes as they’re big and loud. I had messed around with infinite flight, but never seriously. Surprisingly, a bunch of kids on my hockey team were also into aviation, and then I got into infinite flight and took it seriously, and now I love aviation!

Traveling and actually Flightradar 24 hehe ^^

Well I researched how much pilots make and the fact that they are just SO BIG!! (The planes)

I went with my family to Corfu, Greece for holidays when i was 5-6 years old. Our hotel was located right under the point where planes turned on to final rwy 35 LGKR(Corfu Airport) and their altitude was 1,500-2,000 ft. I started loving the noise, different colourful liveries and shapes, so yeah thats what got me into aviation.

My dad took me to the airport one day to show me a cool little café situated halfway down the runway. Sitting there, I thought, “hmm…being a pilot would be a cool job”. Since then, I have had a huge passion for all things flying. Everything else in my life has taken the back footing since then (Except family, and school).

I was on a flight from Houston, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas. I flew on a CRJ with no leg room, no entertainment, no life. I was interested in it, however. I had fun! As soon as I got home, I researched and researched and researched. Nobody in my family was in the Aviation industry. And now, seven years later, I am pursuing my dream:)

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