What Gloss?

Hi! Ever since the update for ‘glossy’ aircraft (A320 update) I’ve noticed that my gloss always seems less glossier than other people’s that have graphics set to VeryHigh mode. I have VeyrHigh mode for mine and I have the issue. Please help, my photos don’t look good without any good gloss:

iPad 4
iOS 9.1
Infinite flight version (I don’t know but latest (A318 & A319))


It depends on the liveries as well.
The 77W with SkyTeam livery looks much better than this Jet2 738.

Anyway, I don’t think you’re experiencing an issue, my aircraft look the same.

@Julio_Cesar just before you posted your report.

Did you check to see if Anti-Aliasing is on?

Anti aliasing is on.

In order for these new gloss effects to show on iOS, you need to have one of the following devices:

  • iPhone 6s Plus

  • iPhone 6 Plus

  • iPad Pro

  • iPad Air 2

  • iPad Air

  • iPad mini 4

  • iPad mini 3

  • iPad mini 2

Older devices (including your iPad 4) do not support these effects. This is due to an version of an API needed to make these graphic calls not being available on older devices.


That makes sense. Does it necessarily need to be an iPad Air 2 with cellular or does the wifi work as well?

Both models work, I’ll edit; just copied that from Apple Developer.

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Iphone 5s works too

What a coincidence… hahaha

Same, my iPhone 5S works with the glossy planes

iPhone 5 also works

@The_simulation_nerd @swang007 @Nick_Art these devices are the ones that support Metal and OpenGL ES 3.0 according to Apple -> the devices that support OpenGL ES 3.0 but don’t support Metal aren’t there. But, you’re right - those models are supported :)

The 6 isn’t supported even though the 6+ is? I’m thinking of downgradig from a 6+ to a 7 when my contract expires but at the same time, I’m not interested in losing the new graphics.

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The 6 does work. I have it in my hand right now in fact. :)

Don’t trust that list… :)